Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sip n' Stroll to Fishs Eddy

As Steven prepares to leave spacious splendor on 45th Street for the more miniature, bespoke charm of a Chelsea Studio, (goodbye elevator, hello walk-up) we've been scouting ways to pimp and maximize the little space he's going to have. Thus, a Saturday sip n' stroll was in order. Margaritas followed by a trip to NYC institution, Fishs Eddy aka the world's coolest dish store. 

So many little things to handle, ogle, and imagine cooking with. God, I yearn to be more domestic than I am. To have a reason to be more domestic than I am. Instead, I am a gypsy. So I can dream of my polka dot Sundae pots, Boylan's Soda Bottle Glasses and softer than soft Michelle Obama t-shirt/matching mug, but my nomadic ass is already out of Manhattan and back in Brooklyn again. 

This time, Prospect Heights. And I'm lounging in my own borrowed spacious splendor: cuddling kitties Beezus & Ramona, drinking a beer, staring at this Roberto Bolano book I'm going to start, listening to Fiona Apple on Peter's record player, and writing about domestic flux. 

But if you're ever in the market for some New York themed dishes, totes, or colored espresso cups-- or even if, like me, just want to ogle the goods-- and odd paintings, of people which I assume have some connection to the store, as they're all in a very specific wheelhouse-- I recommend a trip to Fishs Eddy on Broadway and 19th Street. It's a treasure. 


  1. It's pretty amazing. Steven and I think we need your help on his new place. We'll let you know once we're in...


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