Friday, August 17, 2012

Electric Feelings Friday Links

Have you gathered that I've been having a whole lot of feelings these days? I suppose it's be expected, moving back to my home country and trying to get on my own team about how to live the next chapter of my life, considering it's drastically different than how I thought I'd be spending this chapter. In every. possible. way. 

So, in addition to writing like a maniac, working it out in the recording studio, dog walking and babysitting, I've also been eating my feelings with some good old Italian (or New Orleans, as they are often around Mardi Gras Festivities) Rainbow Cookies. Holy Mother, that coconut & almond cake flavoring? That's my favorite thing about my life right now. 

But in other news...

- I love the Newsroom, but this recap of last week's ep in verse was hilarious.
- How can women gain influence in Hollywood?
- Loved this Rakoff article
- Speaking of pessimism, they're shrinking our pints in NYC and charging us the same. Sigh. A pint isn't arbitrary. It's a unit of measurement. 
- Oh well. Coffee is the new wine
-  iPhone 5 preorders next month? Yes, please. As it happens, I'm in need of a new phone. 
- The philosophy of John Rawls as applied to current politics. Interesting. 
- More on books to movies. (Meant to post this last week)
- More on books to pulp: what happened to all those Jonah Lehrer books that got pulled from shelves. 
- I'd rather pay a fortune to live in NYC than...almost... anywhere else....
- Downton? Here's the trailer for the new season in case you missed it.

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