Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Fear & Loathing in LV & NYC Links

Finally feeling like I'm back in the NYC groove a bit. Probably because I'm working. And busy. I'm already laughing because I bet by the time I feel like I'm truly back up and running here, it will be time to head to California. Oh, life. You make me laugh. The world is just plain crazy. 

- You might have heard about the Prince Harry naked pictures. It's all kind of sad and invasive, but I do feel slightly proud that if he was going to get caught in that position, that it would go down in my home town. 

Speaking of kind of cringey things that happen in America...
- Americans throw away 40% of their food everyday. Ughhhh. 
- Ha! The Frank Ocean guide to affordable classics.
- A case for critics... aw, I dunno, man...
- Meeting for coffee vs. meeting for a drink. Personally, I'm up for both and alternate between uppers and downers all day long! 
- More writing tips from famous writers. Can you really ever have enough?
- Normalize: the new app that to un-romanticize your instagrams. Shit.
- From the McC collection of awesome links: Be Less Crazy About Bad Boyfriends
- This was my favorite commentary on the whole "legitimate rape" fiasco.
- Speaking of which, look at these laws. This will blow your mind. 
- The Problem With Men Explaining Things. So So So So True. I can name you 3 boyfriends just right off the top of my head who've patronized me in this manner. Let's not even get into bosses.

- And finally this. This is the funniest truest thing I've read in a long time. 

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