Thursday, August 23, 2012

Missing David Rakoff - Making the Invisible Visible

We've lost a lot of great ones these days. Too too many. Too many personal friends (Ben, Gil, & Guy) too many great artists and writers and thinkers. Too many to list them all. It overwhelms me.  

Oh, but David Rakoff. I can tell you that, particularly during these strange days, this strange transition, I've found a lot of comfort in David Rakoff's gentle/not-so-gentle, pessimistic humor. This video talking about making the invisible visible...and about dancing...  is a perfect example of everything a sunny girl like me finds occasionally darkly comforting during uncertain times. I promise you, if you wait until about eleven minutes in, you will not regret it. 

Perhaps its important for everyone to have a pessimistic friend. One that allows you to feel and then release your own negativity. To tell you that's okay. I think David Rakoff has been that friend for a good many people. Whatever happens now, I know I like to laugh-- then sigh-- about it all. 

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