Saturday, August 4, 2012

Nuns & Sailors

When I travel, I often end up with some kind of photographic fetish. Often, it's been doors, rows & color blocks, and sheep. I love sheep. They give great face for photos. My 2004 trip around the UK with my dad was completely dominated by photos of lambs in buttercup meadows smirking, winking, you name it. 

Do ever get into a zone or zero in on a particular thing when you're taking pictures? 

In Rome, I kept finding groups of nuns-- not surprising in the capital of Catholicism-- and often intermingling with sailors. I really dug their uniforms. And I love juxtaposition of social groups. Nuns and sailors. Nuns and tourists. Sailors and street performers. There's something about the soul of the city there. 

We're off to a Halifax BBQ! I'm having yet another cultural experience. Soon I'll show you the latest, Canadian social juxtaposition: Mounties and Brides. That's right, we ran into a Mountie Wedding last night on the Halifax Harbour. Priceless. 

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