Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fountains of Rome

One of my favorite things about Rome was the abundance of fresh water fountains. There's always been free-flowing water from the aqueducts. Everyone's heard of Trevi Fountain and its wish granting. But in addition to the majestic wish granting kind, Rome is filled with fontanelles or nasoni (for their nose shaped spouts) you can drink from. Not only are they (at least most of them) beautiful, but under the hot Italian Summer sun, it was important to stay hydrated. The water in Rome's fountains is both deliciously drinkable and so so cold. 

We saved a fortune by not having to buy water bottles as we walked all over the city and it was so nice to cool down our swollen feet and ankles. I'm not kidding when I say it was real real hot when we were there. And I'm from Vegas, so I know me some hot. It actually felt a lot like Vegas, but with more breeze. (Thankfully.) 

The difference between Trevi in the day and Trevi at night was amazing. Pictures don't do it justice. I definitely made wishes. And at one, in the middle of an expanse of green, I wanted to run through the sprinklers to get to it. 

For the full list of Rome's fountains, check this out.

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