Saturday, August 11, 2012

Fresh, Friendly, Local - A Trip to Brooklyn's Farmacy

Being back in NYC with the heat and humidity made a trip to a classic old time soda shop a necessity. After a day of babysitting the adorable Penny, we (Penny, Penny's mom Bob and I) decided to take ourselves on down to Brooklyn's adorable Farmacy. New York is known for its egg creams and soda floats and Farmacy takes the whole thing to a new level.

Our pal Bryce Nice mixed me up one of their best: The Violet. It's a soda float with vanilla soda and black raspberry ice cream. Ugh! Perfectly refreshing and not too sweet. Other flavors I was tempted by: The Betty Boop- chocolate soda and vanilla ice cream, The Purple Haze- chocolate soda and black raspberry ice cream, and The Strawberry Fields- strawberry soda and ice cream. 

Let it be known as well that this place has shelves and shelves of dill pickles. One of the things I'm happiest about now that I'm back in the USA is the return to a world with dill pickles. I was also thiiiis close to leaving that place with about 5 jars of pickled okra. 

If you should find yourself round Carroll Gardens way, you should stop in at Farmacy. I think it might be my new babysitting Penny tradition. 

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