Thursday, August 16, 2012

This Boat Is Real. Halifax Boat Cruise at Sunset

Are you guys sick to death of my travel photos? Can one even get sick of beautiful locales? I'm going to hope your answer is no and keep editing and moving through some of these, but I also promise that I'll be taking some quality alone time in Brooklyn this weekend while I housesit for one of my favorite people to hit you with some real writing or whathaveyou. 

Today, on the other hand, let's bliss out on a Canadian Seaside Sunset. We took a boat cruise the first night I arrived in Halifax. It was chilly and brisk and the air smelled salty and fresh and amazing-- a welcome contrast to the 12 hours I'd just spent in NYC, the 8 hours on a plane, and six months of rain in London before that. 

We danced, drank a strange Coors Light Iced-Tea beverage, let our hair frizz, and caught up with people, some of whom we hadn't seen in years. Obviously, because let's face it, Aly and I take the opportunity to sing "I'm On A Boat" even when we're not on a boat, even when we're somewhere like a Madrid Roof terrace, we sang snippets of our jam allll night lonnnng. It's a joke obviously, but then the thing is, I'm sincere about it. No matter what the body of water: The Seine, The Thames, The Tiber, The Hudson, or Halifax Harbour, there's pretty much no where I'd rather be than floating on a boat on the water with my friends. 

This float was special, too, in that we even saw a Mountie Wedding. That's right! A Royal Mounted Canadian Police (did you know that they're called, amongst themselves, "The Force?" Hardcore.)  getting married in full costume. Most of the Haligonians said it was pretty much the first time they'd ever seen a Mountie in that get-up, but nevertheless, it didn't feel like we could have gotten much more Canadian than that. 

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