Friday, January 28, 2011


So yesterday, my trusty best friend Emily forwards me the email (that I'm sure I also have in an email account somewhere that I no longer check-- I have a few of those) with the subject line: WHAT IF ANTHROPOLOGIE DID WEDDINGS?

....Oh. So they're going to do this to me

I have a complicated relationship with weddings. From 2003-2005, I went 38 weddings. (And plenty more since) I have been in 23 of them as some sort of maid of honor/bridesmaid/officiant of some indeterminate value. I just seem to mark my life by them. I've only got about two friends left that aren't married, so I don't know that I'll be purchasing any of their fancy wedding attire anytime soon, but I can't wait to see what kind of random trinket-esque things for me to blow my money on come February 14th (really?) when BHLDN has their "Unveiling." (cue signature eye roll. I love puns, but...) (Props on the Amiina song choice of "What Are We Waiting For?" BTW, BHLDN. You know how I love that Icelandic thing.)

I stared at the name of this new Anthropologie venture for about 10 minutes before I emailed Emily back saying, "Am I dense? What does BHLDN stand for?" Beholden. Beholden? I think I know the context of this word they were aiming for. But I'd avoid words with the meaning "obligated; indebted" for a company that makes marriage-related products. (For women!) I won't spell out for you, intelligent readers, why I find that slightly -- if unintentionally-- offensive. But even the example given in the dictionary is foreboding:  "a man beholden to no one."

Sort of a feminist nightmare. 

Anyhow, does the thing make me sick a little? Yeah. Will I pore over every single thing they sell? Yeah.  At least I know I'm being exploited by marketing executives, right? Happy Friday!


  1. Funny daughter's maid of honor was in a bunch of weddings. When she got married she brought all of the dresses she wore as a bridesmaid to the bridesmaid tea and made her own bridesmaids wear the ones she wore at their wedding. And that beholding thing kinda burst my Anthropologie bubble!

  2. Should be BLVD. You can have that without being beholding. Sorry for the back to back comments. I get thoughts in spurts!

  3. post away! I love your comments!

  4. maybe it's more of a nod to the "we are in this thing together" than the "woman do what i say" attitude. Like beholden to each other. it takes two people to make the commitment work, therefore both are beholden to each other in a loving and striving sort of way. anyway that is kinda what i thought.

  5. I get that part of it, and I think that's clearly what they MEANT, and that's nice-- but as a GLOBAL Brand, you'd think they would have thought about the loaded term they were using. I just think they could have picked something better is all. :)

  6. Working on the corporate side of things with URN Inc. (The parent company of Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Free people, Terrain, Leifsdottir, etc)I can tell you that, BHLDN will have a bit more than just wedding attire. Perhaps some would call it "multipurpose attire". Some of the dresses and accessories are suitable for other special occasions as well. If BHLDN does well,
    It will end up as a store chain.

  7. So I thought about this....Beholden (rather than Beholding) is to oblidge or commit legally or morally, to pledge- let's say as in one's love. OK, I have made myself feel better. Think I'll have a glass of wine and look at my Anthropologie catalog and drool!


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