Sunday, January 9, 2011

Not a London Sunday

Hello from snowy Edinburgh. Supposed to be in London, but the snow delayed our plane so much, it didn't work out. Sad. Sophie and I were going to go to a flower market today. And Sara didn't even end up making it into London until 1:30AM.

But we had some good times on our trip. Including an outing to FabHatrix where I actually bought a hat. It looks like a fedora in the picture, but it's not. Sara, obviously did not buy the one she tried on. There was this really fabulous stressy FIT student in there going on and on about the stress of NYC. It made me feel really excited that I live in Scotland. 

I think I'm going to hit up Artisan Roast for the third day in row. It's my other favorite coffee shop in Edinburgh (next to Leo's Beanery, which is closed until January 14-- and the longer they're closed, the more I'm loving Artisan). They have dreamy beverages like white hot chocolate with lemongrass and rose and black pepper hot chocolate. Amazing. There's even a lavender one. I think it might be Steven Jamail's dream place. 

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