At Green Valley High School, it hardly matters who will lead student council. But try telling that to the candidates running and the people who love them (or hate them). The rest of their lives seem to hinge on who can get the most votes.

This high-energy musical comedy by Ryann Ferguson & Steven Jamail focuses on the electoral process from the perspective of 3 high school seniors. The race forces the candidates to consider the meaning of each vote and the importance of distinctive character in politics. While some of the students have no problem gaining approval from their peers, others act as though they'll stop at nothing to win the coveted position of student council president. In the process of trying to please everybody, the election unravels, alliances change, and the candidates learn what it takes to make themselves happy—and the value of individual dreams.

VOTE! played to packed houses in the 400 seat Minetta Lane Theatre Off-Broadway in  August 2009 as part of the New York International Fringe Festival starring MTV and Legally Blonde's Bailey Hanks, A Chorus Line's Deidre Goodwin and Spring Awakening's Morgan Karr. 

In September, 2011, VOTE! sold out its Theatre Under the Stars run at Hobby Center's Zilkha Hall in Houston, TX. For more information, check out

The New York Times called us "full of verve" and we're currently workshopping the show for future productions. To license, please email

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