Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Downton Abbey Enters The Roaring Twenties

Vanity Fair decided to indulge our fantasies and speculate on some of the roaring twenties styles we'll have to look forward to on Season Three of Downton Abbey. Not least of these trends, Vanity Fair looks at wedding dress standards of the day, speculating on what Lady Mary's wedding dress might look like. 

Earlier this month, before the premiere of BBC's "Downton Rival," Parade's End, (which I've seen the first episode of, and will elaborate on my thoughts in a future post) Benedict Cumberbatch said of Downton that it was "sentimental, cliched, atrocious." (He later said the whole thing was a joke. PS- I love how that's the constant defense of saying anything that's rude or terrible. Ugh.)

I hate to quote the Daily Mail (always) but so far, I can't help but agree a bit that "I don't want to rain on the Beeb's Parade, but this is no Downton." While I loved Ford Madox Ford's original book, even then I don't know that it inspired any particular attachment to characters. I didn't go giddy at the thought of what any of them might wear to their wedding. Let's just put it that way. 

Anyhow, I loved these photos from Vanity Fair. How adorable is Flobelle Fairbanks (and what a  bitchin' name! I feel like it's the name of a character from a novel.) the niece of Douglas Fairbanks. I'm sort of intrigued by her, but can't seem to find much info. Anyone know anything good about her? I love a good twenties heroine. 

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