Friday, August 31, 2012

What a Wonderful World Friday Links

Even though I get pretty wound up about the state of things-- personally and worldwide, there's also a lot that's right. I'm completing things, I'm spending time with the people I care about and making new friends. Last night, I was on a boat cruise on the East River, listening to Dion and Tyler Hilton

When we got near the Statue of Liberty, Tyler stopped singing and we all just appreciated our surroundings. It was a gorgeous New York night. The sun had not quite dipped below the horizon line and Lady Liberty was washed in a rose colored light. Once we had passed, he didn't go back to the song he was singing before. He went into one of the best renditions of "What a Wonderful World" I've ever heard. I'll upload it. You'll see. 

Have an awesome and safe Labor Day weekend, you guys. I want to spend the weekend reading in a big chair. Here are your links. 

- Everything Has Its Way
- What Americans actually do all day long. 
- I was just in Italy last month (feels like a lifetime ago) and I want to go back. 
-Sooooo many things about the politics of being a woman these days. Bic can help. Read the comments.
- Even Fox News thought this speech was full of lies. 'Cuz it was.
- One-Conditional Love
- Excerpt from Michael Chabon's new novel, Telegraph Avenue. Oooh!
- Excerpt from Zadie Smith's new novel, NW. Oooh!

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