Saturday, September 25, 2010


I managed to fit everything in this room and now all I'm really missing is a phone. That's my project for tomorrow. It's been a pretty quite Saturday. Deans Court is kind of a ghost town... I haven't really seen anybody today... probably since they don't serve us food on the weekends. 

But I went and had brunch with Dad before he took off for Edinburgh. We were constantly commenting that no one here seems stressed out. In New York, the minute you step onto the street, you can feel the stress in the air. The hurry to get to the destination faster. It doesn't feel like that here. But there are so many things about it that remind me of what I always liked about New York. A lot of it feels a bit like the cutest parts of the West Village. With little shops and great little buildings, sidewalk cafes (if it's warm enough). There's always people out on the street walking, like NYC, but you never have to fight a crowd. It is beyond clean. 

The rest of the afternoon, I'm reading and heading to another postgrad "BBQ." They tend to call everything a BBQ, but there has been no actual BBQing... no cooking at parties of any kind. And doesn't BBQ tend to connote outdoors? Anyhow, "BBQ" and pub crawl... I'm sensing a trend here. But it's hard to say no to these guys. 

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  1. i love your room!! that window is amazing! send me your address please...


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