Tuesday, September 28, 2010

feel flows- part 2

What if I started blogging more than once a day? Would that stress anyone out? If not all of them are long? Basically, while (so far) I'm still waiting on the breeze that brings that old fiction flow genie, the sheer volume of new, fascinating information I am learning about my surroundings, the people in them, literature is  going to blast me out of my own mind like a fire hose if I don't start sharing it. 

Like-- did you know that all the swans, specifically, in the United Kingdom are the property of the Queen? All of them. Pets. And messing with them is something close to treason or whathaveyou? (???) It's equal parts romantic and crazy. 

Plus, I really like posts to have coherent thoughts and not just everything that's going on today, so I like  the idea of completing posts and then just posting AGAIN if I feel like I need to, so let's just say, I'm upping the content level here a bit and if I need to back off, I will.

So I'll tell you that today, I kinda want to talk about music and I'm going to use that to get around to talking about my friends here and that's where I'm going to end the day. I'm roadmapping while we get used to this, but eventually I probably won't and you'll just have to go with me here. 

Later: Scottish bands
Even later: "cast of characters" (which is not meant to be objectifying-- you know who you are)
Even even later: cool stories about several of my people 

Starting with this one. 

I don't want to say too much about Taylor now-- I'll save it for later, but I will tell you that my dad liked him enough to friend him on facebook (Book Face?) and I've had this song stuck in my head since  the minute he played it for me. 
Aubade by Plum Nearly


  1. I love that song!!!! Great voice!

  2. Sorry for the add-on comment...but I had a thought...Ryan Adams but smoother


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