Wednesday, September 29, 2010

My People

As promised, here is a bit about my people. These aren't all of my people, but these are the ones I met first, the ones I see all day everyday, and the ones I don't anticipate going anywhere but up in my esteem. Now, when you hear all about our adventures, you'll have a frame of reference, since it certainly won't be the last time you hear about them.

When Gretchen isn't around, I don't feel complete. I love guy friends like nobody's business, but the world isn't as good unless you have a rad best girlfriend from San Fran by way of Middlebury by way of Massachusetts who'll show up on your doorstep for hikes that take all afternoon. Not to mention, clothes sharing, book sharing, talking about writing and general awesomeness. I'd be worried about anyone who didn't want to be friends with Gretchen. 
Oh, Taylor. Taylor was pretty much the first person I met here that let me believe I had made the absolute right move in coming here. Musician turned poet (he doesn't like to call himself a poet, but I do) and good old Southern boy, we give each other a lot of shit, but that's mostly because we're basically made of the same stuff. I know a kindred spirit from a mile away, but this guy I don't even have to spot because he's already banging down my door with it (and then laughing when he scares the crap out of me.)
I met our dearest Brit, Kevin at the same fateful dinner as Taylor and Nick when (it sounded like) he introduced himself as Heaven. He's been cracking us up with his refined yet off beat sensibilities ever since. He crashes other department parties with us, knows more about everything than us, has generally better clothes than the rest of us. He's kind of our mascot. And I'd sit and listen to him talk about pretty much any subject-- especially the Reformation, what he's studying-- any day of the week. And I pretty much do.


Kris, a fellow "old" as he calls us (We call ourselves) since we're, well, Old. He's actually my only friend here who's my age, and technically, he's still even a little bit younger than me. Most importantly, Kris is a deadpan stealth bomber. If you're not listening closely, you'll miss all the hilarious things he says. We think he got that stealthy because we're pretty sure he works for  the CIA. No, really. Besides that, he's probably the person at St. Andrews that I'm most jealous of, reason to be explored shortly.

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