Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's a Metaphor

Before I moved to New York to work in theatre, I used to give long deconstructions of this song to people who didn't much care to listen. Since then, I haven't trotted it back out much, but I maintain my ardency about its near perfection as a musical satire number. 

Because as much of a spoof as it is, as silly as it is, it never lets go of the nugget of idea at its center. A sincere heart surrounded by laughs. Which is what all the best satire has going for it. A clown heart. 

Well, and Sara Ramirez. That tone. She's another really expert interpreter of songs. I wish she'd come back to musicals. Nothing she's done on telly can compare as far I'm concerned. (Except You've Got Mail. Let's not forget that. That was a genius 1.5 minute performance. "Happy Thanksgiving Back.")

And, because it's me and I'm a nerd, when the road seems long and tedious, I still listen to this song. It reminds me to laugh and not take it too seriously. But also that creating the exact life you want for life is serious as a heart attack. There's nothing more important than that. If you can keep that in mind, you've already won.  And that's your grail. That's your grail. 


  1. Thank you, lovey. I needed this. :)

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