Thursday, March 22, 2012

Focusing on Spring Flowers

My year and a half long stretch of not ever being sick in the UK came to an end with my moving process and now that I'm in London, the virus train keeps on barreling forward. All my favorite people have gotten me ill this year. Iona's even gotten a new strain, so I wonder if when I see her, I'll pick up two simultaneously and the second one from fair Miss Macdonald. Then, I think I'll be able to say I've had all the cold virus strains currently operating in the United Kingdom.

On to more pleasant subjects, let's talk about flowers. I had some disappointing/simultaneously reenergizing news today. It's just non-stop. But the weather is beautiful so I went on another walk despite my allergy/cold combo.

Dansk Flowers on Upper Street has so many wonderful things. I'm too stuffed up to smell, but I could tell the flowers were especially fragrant today. Is there anything better than tons of flowers spilling out onto a sun-lit street in Spring? No, there is not. Check out Dansk on Upper Street and in St John's Wood here.

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