Thursday, March 8, 2012

Some Ha-Ha's from Kevin Bridges

I don't know how it took me moving London to find out about Glaswegian Comedian Kevin Bridges, but I'm just glad I found him when I did! (Or was introduced. Thanks, G.) He's one of those comedians who is proof you can do more with less sometimes. Much of his funniest stuff is set up, with just a small, held gesture doing the work. And it's to-die-for. 

Not only does he play to insanely huge sold out stadiums and write humor books, but now he also has a show on BBC that goes behind the scenes of some of his most popular sketches. My favorite was when he sought some French lessons to improve a bit and ended up getting his tutor to teach him how to sing Craig David "Seven Days" using the days of the week in French. You know I love me some old school Craig David. Check out the lovable Kevin Bridges and know why Scots are some of the funniest folks on the planet. 

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