Saturday, March 10, 2012

Passage fans Rejoice! The Twelve has a release date

For over two long years now (I read the galleys of The Passage in January before it came out) I have eagerly awaited the sequel to my college writing mentor's hit book, the first in a triology. Despite my incessant efforts to charm, bribe and/or blackmail any advance material out of him, (I mean, as if all the babysitting of his precious children I did in my youth wasn't enough, not to mention the hilarious jokes I told during class, I was going to trade him some Season 2 of Downton Abbey before it came out in the US, so I think I had the goods.) I have yet to read this mysterious and certainly gripping, The Twelve

Well, it turns our the wait is almost over! Sort of. At least we have a release date and that date is October 16, 2012! Dude, that's like another seven months. I can't wait that long. Luckily, there's a new excerpt coming out in this week's Entertainment Weekly with the hottie Jon Hamm on the cover, so check that out. Word on the street from the man himself is that the excerpt features my favorite character, Alicia. Boom.

And here's a plea to my pals working at Random House: Anyone who gets me the galleys of The Twelve will get Season 3 of Downton express from me to you a full year in advance of the US release date. It could be the start of a beautiful friendship. Just think about it. And check out The Twelve. There is possibly no living human who has had a bigger impact on my constant, repeated, occasionally ridiculous-seeming choice to persist in being a writer. Thank you, JCC/What the eff did you get me into?

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