Friday, March 30, 2012

It's the last Friday of my Twenties Links

Farewell, twenties. This is the last weekend I'll have have to contemplate my activities as a twenty-something. As for this final Friday, I'm having a "birthday party" at my house. I use quotes because almost no one can come and also, it's not technically my birthday. I shouldn't complain because I'm having two parties in the US, but I'm prepared to hit the eject button on the house party and go out dancing with G and whoever else might show up. Let's hit the button for the links. 

- Even Gwyneth knows the wonders of the British pharmacy. Oh, goop.
- Look at my sweet, handsome cousin modeling on The Love List.
- Beautiful Alexis Russell jewelry
- Frank Rich's article about the GOP's woman problem
- Dena made me this sweet video for my birthday
- In case you magically missed all this, but Sally Draper is still my fave. 
- I love the movie Twins. I think it should be a musical. Now, it gets a sequel. Boom. 
- Getting ready for Game of Thrones Season 2. We caught G up this week. Also this. Damn, it feels good be a Lannister. 

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