Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Feeling Springy with artist Claire DesJardins

Most of my life, my style has erred on the side of the classic or the vintage. I liked cozy rooms, warm rooms (womb-rooms, if you will) especially because unless you had the means to renovate to the standards required to pull off that clean, modern look, what you ended up with always looked...well, bad

This was definitely the case in all my NYC buildings-- ramshackle pre-wars and Astoria row houses. Same for the Victorian building in Edinburgh. But since even the idea of London came onto my mental scene, I've been in the mood for light, airy and modern. Maybe I just love Spring. Maybe I'm just ready for a long and extended Spring in my life.

Either way, I am loving the way Claire DesJardins paintings make me feel. This French-Canadian artist is just what right now is all about. And while I think I'm always going to love a little bit of vintage, it's refreshing to continually find how life and taste are always evolving. 

Check out more from Claire DesJardins at Saatchi Online and her facebook here

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