Friday, March 16, 2012

Everything All At Once Links

Everything is happening all at the same time, guys! As positivity-centered and optimistic as I am, when absolutely everything is at stake... but seemingly on-track, I start to get a little suspicious. You mean... I can get ALL the things I want? At the same time?? Like... all of it? This is when the trust part comes in. Universe, I need you to have my back right now. I know it's going to get harder than this. The challenge part I'm okay with. As long as all the plates stay in the air, I don't mind how much they wobble. Wobble away. 

The thing I'm realizing about what my year and a half of mental and emotional recuperation and exploration in Scotland meant is not that the world gets any harder or easier. You just let yourself get lax. Or... I think in this case, you just get better. 

Anyhow. I'm up at the crack of dawn this morning heading out to BumbleEff Croydon to make sure they'll let me stay in this beautiful country. Here's hoping all goes smoothly and by the end of this weekend, I'm feeling settled in my new spot on the Earth with a bang-up presentation all finished and ready to go for the job I just can't stop thinking about. While we're standing by, here's what's what from the internets this week.

- Some cool Zodiac drawings. I like how the Aries girl has blonde curly hair. Duh. 
- Vulture has really been on it lately. Thirteen Blonde Movie Villains
- Also this. Novelist as Marlboro Man. 
- The GOP is so. off. the. rails
- One of my favorite twitters is the Sorkin Dialogue "Sorkinese." You should follow. 
- Gordon made such a sell of this book about a Kenyan corruption whistleblower, I had to pass it on. 
- Congrats to uber-awesome Matilda on leading the Olivier Awards with 10 (aka ALL the categories!)
- I knew I was right about ALWAYS painting your bedroom
- Just in case you want a tour of my house. I plan on replacing pretty much everything on those walls. 

- Finally, a March Madness I can get behind! Vulture has a greatest tv drama of the last 25 years bracket going. Up this week was Mad Men v. Lost with Mad Men advancing to the next round. I should say. While I have mixed feelings about some of the advancing shows, I applaud the idea and the general candidate pool. I foresee a final match up between The Wire and Sopranos with Sopranos taking the title. (People get so hot for Sopranos...Sigh.) Which of course I will hideously and vehemently disagree with. 

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