Monday, March 12, 2012

The Good Mews... I Mean News & The Bad News

Well, so there's a lot of good news. As of Friday, I'll be a resident of lovely Ovanna Mews in Dalston! I'll have my own bathroom in a three floor flat with tons of light, etc etc. More good news: had a lovely time back up in Crieff for some hiking, friend making, relaxing and general merriment-making. We petted highland cows, drank good wine, played whist, visited Glen Turret Distillery/ Famous Grouse Experience. Back in London,  I'm preparing for my second interview at a place I'd absolutely love to work, but I'm also trying to be open about what my professional future might look like. Not to mention, it is straight up Spring already. Bring it. 

The less than good news.... slash bad news... is that move-in costs in London are higher than even a New Yorker like me had expected. And my in-person visa renewal meeting is at 8:30 Friday morning. Everything should be fine, but it's stressful. I feel like I'm drowning in logistics at the moment-- from visas to flats to jobs to coordinating getting all my belongings down from Edinburgh in a van (which I have to get some kind soul to drive considering I have no drivers license.) 

Of course, these are all princess problems and problems I'm fortunate to be able to have to solve. All that was put perfectly in perspective last night when just thirty minutes outside of London, when we were enjoying ourselves on the train-- just like I mentioned in my post yesterday-- we felt a jolt and then smelled a terrible burning smell. The train came to a stop and we received the announcement that the train would be held while they investigated what the train had hit. Eventually, we learned it was a body and we waited for two hours while emergency services investigated, etc. It was very sad. And further still disturbing, when we arrived at King's Cross, and saw the gore on the front of the train. How people were taking pictures of it with their iphones.  

There's always going to be a lot to feel overwhelmed by, to make you feel out of your depth. The only thing I can always always go back to is this. Always this. And training the way you think to stop seeing the obstacles. "It is unimaginably hard to do this, to stay conscious and alive in the adult world day in and day out." But it is the only objective that matters. And that's the good news. 

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