Friday, March 9, 2012

I'm in my Prrrrime Links

Well, I successfully made it through my first week living in London. Actually, it felt like a dream. A dream in which everything went my way, but man did I walk a lot. Sometimes, the world is just on your side. And I don't want to jinx anything, but so far, London and I get along quite well. Of course, because things are going so well with London and me, I'm going to play just a little bit hard to get and head up to Scotland for a country weekend in Crieff and some business I need to take care of in Edinburgh. 

'Burghers, if you're around during the day or early evening Friday, please let me know! 

Here. Are. The. Links. 
- As much walking as I'm doing, gotta have shoes you love. I think I physically NEED these
- I touched this dress in Toast the other day & fell in love. BUTTER. (But, PS- why can't Toast style their models? This dress is about 2 sizes too big... Ugh.)
- This print. Because, I mean, have I mentioned it's almost my 30th birthday?
- Oh, Wallllll Streeeeet.
- Ten Amazing songs with no choruses from NME
- Muriel Sparks & Prime of Miss Jean Brodie & whatnot. Oh, Fascism.
- Speaking of which, now that I'm out of Scotland, I think it's time to rock this poster in my house. 
- Or maybe this one
- Getting SO excited for Newsies! My lovely AKB-Ball is doing a Meet the Newsies Series on his ever-popular blog. Here is Meet Jack Kelly, played by another fave collaborator of ours, Jeremy Jordan!

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