Friday, March 2, 2012

Friday Night Lights Links

Seems like a good Friday to hit the town in celebration: it's my first Friday as a London resident, friends are in town, and the feeling of Spring has settled in. It was a busy week for me, but I still managed to round up some ha-has and whatnot from around the interwebs.

- An excellent TED talk from YouTube Trends Manager, Kevin Allocca, about why videos go viral
- The meme that went a little far. But my favorite is this one.
- Time Out did a "direct neighborhood to neighborhood London/NYC comparison." Actually sort of useful. Though it was a couple of years ago.
- What if I got this bike?
- NYMag's "Do Not Play In Prison" Playlist actually seems great for a Friday night...
- OH MY GOD! PLEASE give Pat Kiernan this job!! (And then give me Kelly's job.)
- While there is no NYMag for London, apparently there is a Gothamist... Londonist. Don't know if it's any good.
- Though this is a good start, Londonist...Not to mention...These Top Ten Lists!!

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