Saturday, October 29, 2011

We All Go Back to Where We Belong - Kirsten + R.E.M

All weekend, I've been loving on the last (tear) REM single, "We All Go Back to Where We Belong" starring my twin, Kirsten in some cool stop-motion photography style action. It's not actually stop-motion, but it often looks like it. I'm pretty sure they just played her the song and filmed her. It has all that awkwardness of knowing you're being filmed, and all the comfort of listening to a song you realize in the middle you really like. 

The song (which sounds a little 70s to me. There's a horn section that lends the song to the Virgin Suicides soundtrack, in my o-pinion.)  is off their first ever definitive greatest hits album. And the title of it could be the title of my life so far...even the dates are exactly correct: Part Lies, Part Heart, Part Truth, Part Garbarge: 1982-2011.  

I've always had a soft spot for R.E.M. They were at UGA in Athens at the same time as my dad. I always liked to imagine them at parties together. What a conversation between my dad and Michael Stipe might look like. 

And during that first stint of zealous, painfully earnest ambition I had between the ages of twelve and sixteen, I listened the their 1998 album UP (my favorite of their oeuvre-- weird, I know.) on a loop while I wrote my first novel. (Perhaps if I'm ever feeling zany enough [or drunk enough] I'll post some of that little twelve-year-old existential-Buddhist-historical attempt. Don't hold your breath though.)

I will hold my breath for the compilation though. What about you guys? Will you buy it? I find myself frequently missing the 90s. I think it will be nice to have an express train back there whenever I want. 

They also did a version with poet and activist John Giorno

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  1. A great song..a great place and time to remember


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