Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Looking Up: Paris Ceilings

Even though it's not for about another six months, I'm kind of stressed out about my 30th birthday. Not the turning 30 part, just the how I'm going to celebrate it part. It got me thinking about my lovely 29th birthday in Paris. Since I'm feeling nostalgic for the other location of my novel (besides NYC & obviously, the Isle of Skye-- the book is called The Muse of Skye, afterall.) I felt like I needed to put them to better use on the old blog.

But back to birthdays and celebrating. The grandeur of Paris is hard to beat, but I've got to top it. And I'd like to be with as many of my favorite folks as possible. I've got friends on two continents and opposite coasts of the United States. Should I go to NYC? Plan a sunny, tropical get-away now and invite my close friends to come and splurge? What about this rustic private cottage in Majorca? I wouldn't mind a beach. Or at least somewhere warm. American friends, what would entice you? Put the week of April 5 on your calendar now! xo

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