Thursday, October 13, 2011

Music to Write To- Feist, Metals

When I'm writing, I really like to have music on in the background. I know people are often divided on this front-- music while working, yes or no? Which one are you? I think the trick is really finding the right music. (duh.) The right music will surprise your mind and open up new little sections. I feel more creative. But if it's too obvious (or obviously annoying) it will distract you. To me, the right music somehow makes you listen and makes you write, activating a form of automatic writing (in the Gertrude Stein sense of the idea.)

Feist has often been a go-to for me with music to write to, and her new album, Metals,  is no exception. I've been jamming and writing all week. I'm especially loving this track, Get it Wrong, Get it Right, which makes me think of my writing process anyhow-- haha. 

I also enjoyed the Shia La Boef/ Michael Bay anecdotes about Feist in this article. Enjoy! It's almost the weekend!

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