Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Art in All Places- The Sheep of the M8 Pyramids

Along the M8, between Glasgow and Edinburgh is (New Yorker, woo!) Patricia Leighton's "Sawtooth Ramps"... or as its more commonly called, the M8 Pyramids. Even though it was corporately sponsored (by Motorola in 1992-1993) it's still one of the coolest environmental art projects I've ever seen. 

Last night on the drive back from St Andrews, my fellow phd friend Sam told me about the sheep that not only keep the grass clipped, but clearly serve as additional decor. The only time I ever passed the M8 Pyramids, it must have been the sheep's day off, but I think they're pretty cool. I mean, they even have their own facebook fan page. Their colorful dots (they change colors regularly) made me smile on this grey grey day. 

For video and more info, click here

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