Monday, October 31, 2011

Autumn Paradise in the Lammermuirs

We had a big pre-Guy Fawkes Day bonfire courtesy of the lovely Blairs this weekend. We burned a Yah in effigy (Brits love their effigies) had some caramel covered apples, and went on the world's least scary ghost walk. My biggest fear was that I would trip in the dark and knock myself unconscious. And I suppose it didn't help that my three nicest friends were in charge of the scaring. (I'm talking to you, Snoph, Torc & Iona.) 

There were fireworks and many pitchers of mulled cider (which did not turn out to be my friends) and about 20 folks who definitely are my friends. Even with my sad hangover, we wellied up and went on a lonnnng walk through the East Lothian Lammermuirs for a pub lunch in adorable Garvald. I take it back about the Fall colors in Scotland. East Lothian rocks fall colors in a major way. 

Thanks, Charlie & Zeph for a sweet weekend.

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