Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Links Buffet

While this week has been marked by sweeping technological failures-- my internet has been working in intervals simulating Chinese water-drip torture-- the offerings on the internet have been abundant. Happy Friday! Here's a links buffet. 

- We've planned a trip to gorgeous MoorCockHall this weekend for Scottish outdoorsy type things. 
- Katie Rose Clarke sang her fab rendition of Mr. Prez at this Women of Wicked concert. 
- An interesting NYTimes article I'm not sure I agree with about novelist productivity
- My Rice writing prof, author of The Passage, answers questions about its sequel, The Twelve
- Cool Shoebox app for scanning, organizing old family photos
- Speaking of pics, I narrowed down the lens I want to this one! I tested-- SO pretty! Merry Christmas!
- And these camera-friendly handbags to go with!
- Finally a place to watch Bill Maher in the UK
- Really excited about Siri. But the Scots aren't. Here's why. It's like this.  
- Sally Draper actress Kiernan Shipka is a child therapist
- Swedish acoustic group, Erato, covering my homegirl Robyn's "Call Your Girlfriend." As someone who drops her keys 30 times a day, I respect anyone with refined motor skills, let alone rhythmic hand-eye coordination.
- I think this spoof of it was supposed to be comedy,  but it wasn't funny and only made this chick look pissy. 

- Finally: whether you like Katie Roiphe or not, I was flattered when my pal McC said she thought I could have written the following from her article about Gawker. (For the record, I agree with you, Katie. I've been railing against pathological snark for a while now.)

"To casually and sloppily take down, to ironize, to sneer comes very naturally to us, we can do it in our sleep, but to care, to try, to want, are harder. And to admit that you care or are trying or are wanting, well, forget it: Those will be impossible."


  1. Great links---Thought you might like these camera bags, as well:).

  2. Thanks, Alie! I definitely love these. A little out of my price range at the moment, but hey, Christmas is coming up!

  3. Oh, and PS, Alie-- Your new blog looks great! Meant to tell you that before. Sorry we never got to meet up in St A.


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