Friday, October 14, 2011

Have a zany weekend

Happy Friday! What are you doing this weekend? I'm helping my absolute favorite Edinburgh artist revamp her website and take dreamy pics to help sell her awesome artistry! I've talked about Zaza & her great gift ideas lots before, but since it's almost time to start thinking about holiday gifts again, I felt I should remind you. She ships to the US. 

We're also making  a trip on Sunday to the always lovely Stockbridge Market (of sign fame- even though that's not where it is anymore) with Iona, Anna, & Cleodie. Cleodie is pretty much who every woman wants to be when they're in their 70's. Cultured, well-read, funny, philanthropic and universally adored. She's also an amazing cook and so are Iona & Anna, so we'll see what kind of goodies they get up to. 

Now that it's fall, I think Iona and I will also have to resume our trips to the Edinburgh Farmer's Market at the base of the castle. Splitting an angus burger with cheddar and grilled onions (from Well Hung & Tender, ha!) as well as a pulled pork sammy with haggis and applesauce...oh man, I'm hungry. Is it lunch time yet? 

A couple of other things:
- More hilarity from Ira Glass
- I dug these Occupy Wall Street charts from Business Insider
- I can't with this guy... Rick Scott. Ugh
- What if I started a cute camera collection?? 
- Godspell started performances on Broadway last night! I remember the first day this idea was discussed in our office. So excited to have it realized! You go, Ken & team! Let's get Davenported!  And lovely to see some great friends (and former VOTE!ers in the cast. Sending love to Celisse & Nicholas!)
- Speaking of crowd funding! Scotland now his its own crowdfunding platform: Vunded

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