Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Downton Abbey theme... with words??

As a lyricist, I feel like a bit of a traitor when my first instinct was to think... No! There shouldn't be lyrics. (I think my face looked a bit like Maggie Smith's.) John Lunn's score is just too delicious to go narrowing it to down to specific emotions that will come with any lyrics. Apparently, even he was skeptical about the idea. 

But as a Downton fan (and let me just say for the record, Series 2 was losing me until last week. Now it's gettin' kray-zay!) I'm clapping my hands. Something more for me to consume! Ah! Props for getting Mary-Jess as the vocalist. What do you think? Downton theme with lyrics? Will you buy the album

Is it an attempt to fall in the category of "My Heart Will Go On"? Or would it be as blasphemous (and with terrible results) as putting lyrics to the Star Wars theme or my most sacred cows: the theme from Braveheart or the perfection that is GWTW's Tara's Theme

I think it's time to fess up, people: What's your sacred movie score? Or maybe it's TV theme? The one you'd go postal over if someone messed up? One that turns you into a total dork every time you hear it? (Tears, dancing, fake orchestra conducting?) I know you have one... 

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