Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Queen of the Mist

When I was in college, I rustled up the email address of my favorite musical theatre writer, Michael John LaChiusa. We became pen-pals of a sort. At the time, it was the most encouraging thing that had ever happened to me.  I had directed a production of Hello Again (still one of my favorite shows, and sort of a life-changing experience for me) and I was kind of in awe of everything about MJLaC's style. That way he steers from storytelling and comedy into something really heartbreaking, or desperate-- taking you somewhere totally unexpected-- that place has been my aim from the first day I started writing songs. Mistress of the Senator, Tom, Little Fish, Coffee, oh, Coffee

And now, he has a new show with Transport Group, starring the amazing Mary Testa, Queen of the Mist. Me and Steven's superpal and eternal VOTE! stagemanager extraordinaire, Theresa, has been working on the show. Needless to say, I'm pretty jealous. I'd kill just to seeeee the show, let alone be working on the production-- telling the tale of Annie Edson Taylor, who in 1901, at the age of 63 went over the Niagara Falls in a barrel. And lived. Best of luck to the production, which kicks off this month

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