Sunday, October 30, 2011

Autumn & Tim- Wedding!

Mostly, I'm trying to contain tears today at not being at the wedding of one of the brightest lights in the world. (They're partying it up right now, NYC time.) While I have a casting director to thank for Autumn's presence in my life (well, that and my constant love of redheads) I feel like destiny would have found some other way to put us together had it not been for the first industry reading of VOTE!

Once Steven and I got to know her, we knew she just had to be Alix in Nicholas & Alexandra. And the first time I ever heard her rehearse "In Your Name," I knew something really special was happening. I talk about those moments a lot-- where the right song aligns with the right singer. This was definitely one of those times. You can tell that everyone in the room is floored and I almost dropped the camera because my hand was shaking. 

Professional interests being the least important element here, Autumn is an emotionally giving friend in a way that I have rarely encountered. In the kind of way that someone like me both yearns for/recognizes, and is also skeptical of in others. I can be pretty guarded of my heart. I don't like asking for things. I am wary of being taken care of.  I tend to be skeptical of people who just freely share and shower me with love and friendship. But Autumn just does that and once I learned to soak it up, I've been relishing in one of the better female friendships ever. 

It meant a lot to be able to share her struggles and be present as she and Tim fell in love. I remember when they had their first date, when she was excited about him and we looked him up on facebook so I could vet him. I remember loaning her a shirt on their first serious date (his house. He was cooking.) Tim & Autumn helped me move to Scotland. They even took over my apt. In a way, I like living vicariously through my friends better than living my own life. Seeing the people I love happy is better than anything I could do myself. 

Autumn's bachelorette party in NYC this summer was one of the funnest nights. Bittersweet too, when I think of what I miss everyday not living there anymore. But at least I got to partake in some of the wedding festivities. And even though the really annoying fact that I am (still!) not rich (or famous) is preventing me from being there today, as she marries Tim so good in a bookstore (cutest bitch ever) in one of the prettiest dresses I have ever ever seen (can I borrow?)... I am there in spirit. And I have spies. 

Autumn & Tim-- so much love to you both! Here's a Scottish wedding poem from Thomas Campbell (they love these rhyming ballads!)

Freedom and Love

How delicious is the winning 

Of a kiss at Love's beginning, 
When two mutual hearts are sighing 
For the knot there's no untying!

Yet remember, 'midst your wooing, 

Love has bliss, but Love has ruing; 
Other smiles may make you fickle, 
Tears for other charms may trickle.

Love he comes, and Love he tarries, 

Just as fate or fancy carries; 
Longest stays when sorest chidden, 
Laughs and flies when press'd and bidden.

Bind the sea to slumber stilly, 

Bind its odour to the lily, 
Bind the aspen ne'er to quiver, 
Then bind Love to last for ever.

Love's a fire that needs renewal 

Of fresh beauty for its fuel; 
Love's wing moults when caged and captured, 
Only free he soars enraptured.

Can you keep the bee from ranging, 

Or the ringdove's neck from changing? 
No! nor fetter'd Love from dying 
In the knot there's no untying.

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