Tuesday, October 4, 2011

My Four Favorite October Things (as of the 4th)

Another apocalyptic day in Edinburgh discouraging my errands. At least I'm home with these four favorite things of October-- up to the fourth. I've actually been looking forward to these for quite some time now. Here goes:

1. New Indigo Girls album, Beauty Queen Sister.
The Girls will always and always remind me of the most formative summer of my life. Of the amazing Kate Floyd and Blair Stone. That summer continues and continues to haunt me, follow me (literally) and asks me to contemplate the nature of the world. The roots are buried very deep in me, just like the sound of the girls voices. And I feel simultaneously seventeen and twenty-nine and every age in between when I was listening to one of their albums. Do you guys have music like that? That grows and goes with you throughout your life?
Listen to "Yoke" "Birthday."

2. New Jeffrey Eugenides novel, The Marriage Plot
I'm one of those people who deliberately put off the ending of my favorite authors' novels because I know it will be another ten years or so until I get another one. I love both The Virgin Suicides and Middlesex. And you know I'm ready for Oct 11 so I can = go start the new one-- set in the Ivy League and with a character (rumor has it) hugely inspired by my dear David Foster Wallace.

3. The Concerns of Mindy Kaling
A new blog to go with her new book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns). Oh Mindy, been there. Sadly, the book isn't out until November 1st. But we have this website to tide us over. Just awesomeness. Basically, I could ALWAYS use more laughter in my life. (Couldn't we all!)

4. NPR gives away 20 songs from World Cafe
Let's just say I downloaded all of them and I'm culling through them as we speak. 

Hope October is awesome! Also, a big Happy Birthday to my favorite witty Irishman and writer extraordinaire, Brian Kearney. You don't like technology, so I doubt you'll read this, but let's have a pint to celebrate. Here's a bonus from another great writer, since I'm feeling generous. A note from fellow insomniac, AL Kennedy

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