Saturday, October 22, 2011

Motivational Boat Series: Where to find Success

Along the river Tay in Dunkeld! Okay, so while it's obvious that I inherited my dad's utterly corny sense of humor, I have seen a lot of motivationally named boats. They make me laugh. 

I found success in Dunkeld at a Save the Free Beavers of Tay event-- even though I did sprain my ankle that day. I was pretending my ankle was fine as we went on a hike (??) and the laugh I got from this boat seriously improved the Saturday. It's the little things. Hope you get some good laughs from unexpected places. I've got some eating and carousing to do today at the base of the castle. And a trip to beautiful, beloved St Andrews. 

Don't forget, I'll be talking VOTE!, Nic & Alix, new projects and theatre gossip this evening at 5PM on STAR radio's Standing Ovation. Stream it!

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