Saturday, October 15, 2011

Saturday Night Movie Night: Savannah Smiles

Flashback to the year I was born: 1982- Savannah Smiles. This was one of my fave pictures all throughout childhood. I don't know how much I actually liked it (the plotline was a bit gruesome) but my mom loved it and always suggested we watch it, so we did. 

I liked that her name was Savannah-- one of my favorite names and one of my favorite cities. 

A little girl runs away because her social climbing parents don't pay attention to her. She's incepted by some crooks, who she, of course grows to love even more than her parents. The "goodbye Bootsie scene" the soundtrack, that harmonica. "I hope no one ever tells her we're bad guys..." I die. That was my childhood, folks. 

The whole story was kind of depressing in that sunny 70s/early 80s way, but the real life story got really sad-pants when the girl who played Savannah, Bridgette Andersen died at the early age of 21 of an accidental drug and alcohol overdose. Wow, that sort of ruins the fun sunny Saturday attitude I had when I sat down to write this post. 

Oh well, I still recommend. Iona and I have pralines and cream ice cream to eat. Off to watch! 

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