Friday, October 21, 2011

Try Again. Fail Again. Fail Better.

Post title sponsored by Samuel Beckett. Someone close to my thoughts these days as I write a character based on him and play with different ways to open my novel, one of which I'll send off to Jake Polley later this afternoon. I feel you, Sammy. In a book that takes place both in the 1930s and the 2000s where would you rather start? Now or then? Hmmmm..... 

At least it's Friday. And in case you need something to distract you until the weekend officially starts, check out these Friday links:

- Tune into STAR radio tomorrow at 5PM Scotland time to catch me talking about VOTE!, Nicholas & Alexandra and other projects on Standing Ovation. We'll also play songs from both shows! (Non-UK'ers, you can stream online.)

- My beloved Willy's Pub is in financial trouble. I think we were always in financial trouble, but I know I would cry (and I'm sure I wouldn't be alone) if the Rice pub where I misspent my youth had to close down. PS- If it does close, I want my all-team signed Chris Kolkhorst jersey back. 

- Great NYT article about insane bureaucratic visa restrictions that are keeping great artists from working (for free!) in the United Kingdom. I feel your pain, fellow artists trying to work internationally. Oye. 

- This cat-fight between the richest man in musical theatre and the real-life peeps who live at Downton Abbey, I mean, Highclere Castle, gave me a chuckle. (I apologize in advance for linking you to the Daily Mail.)

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