Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Hey Girl. It's some Lovely Links

Oh, there's been lots of  good stuff on the internet lately. It's like a test to see if I can stay focused on work and not be distracted. So far, I'd say I'm getting about a C on that test. 

Feminist Ryan Gosling
This blog was only started like 3.5 days ago and it's already blown up to beyond belief. Internet viralism is wacky. Hey Girl. I mean... WOMAN. I love the explanations. "Yes, Hey Girl is pejorative. Have you seen the original meme? That is the joke. That. Is. The. Joke."
Love it. 

Anne Sage of City Sage talks one of my favorite travel destinations: Portugal!
She checks out The Favorita Hotel

The uncertain future of Hotel Chelsea
One of my favorite NYC landmarks. What will happen to all the ghosts of the great artists? 

These things have been circulating about Occupy Wallstreet. 
I'm inclined to agree with the authors, especially Slavoj Zizek, who is nothing short of brilliant. (Read his book, Violence.) Mostly, even if I disagree, I'm able to see the logic of the other side. On this, I simply do not. I'm not a jobless hippie who hasn't played by the rules, as some propaganda has alleged. Nor do I wish to stop purchasing products or living a normal life. As some, truly faulty logic photos have alleged. I simply think that the super rich in America are out of control while the middle class is paying the price. And I don't trust bankers. Except one, named Peter. So I'm going to ask him his opinion on all of this. I bet his answer will make sense. 

New Cranberries Album this Valentine's Day
Wow. The brooding, angsty 12-year-old in me's heart just skipped a beat. I used to lock myself in my room in Vegas and listen to No Need to Argue for HOURS. I'd listen to Ode to My Family on repeat. I was emotional

A new blog lovingly parodying the awesomeness/ridiculousness of my favorite place on Earth. The jokes aren't quite as good as the concept and name itself, but I still chuckled. Happy Tuesday!


  1. With discount that submarine would only be 4.5 million dolla

  2. hahahha. Sweet. Just finally in my price range! :)


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