Monday, October 17, 2011

How to do a Sunday Lunch with friends

Yesterday was basically the opposite of today's windy downpour. Bright, brisk & merry, we headed to the Farmer's Market where we sampled and watched kids scamper. There were several great French merchants in this week, including a cheese monger from Lyon, who had these two adorable mischievous kids. They kept asking each other questions and answering each other in unison "OUAIS!" It was great.

Back at Cleodie's we dug in and continued our lessons in 20th Century pop culture of the Western Isles. The only thing anyone actually cooked was the delicious tomato and roast pepper soup that Cleodie had whipped up the night before. And even though I'm still wary of the "game meats," everyone agreed with Cleodie when she said "this is the way to do Sunday lunch." Sampling of everything. No cooking. Lovely, diverse friends. 

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