Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Black Cat Bone: Congrats on that Forward Prize, Burnsy.

Exciting times around here. I've kept forgetting to talk about the fab and hilarious John Burnside (aka my phd advisor) winning the super prestigious Forward Poetry Prize for his book Black Cat Bone. The Forward, along with the TS Eliot are basically the UK's biggest prizes for poetry. Other winners include, oh ya know, Seamus Heaney, Carol Ann Duffy, & Ted Hughes. So... yeah. 

The panel was chaired by my academic idol, Sir Andrew Motion, who wrote the brick sized definitive bio of John Keats, which I am staring at on my desk right now. (More on him later. Le Sigh.) And when the panel (that also includes bio revolutionary Lady Antonia Fraser) talk about your book's "vitality of language, an undertow of complexity and an evocative dream logic" that's got to feel pretty nice. 

Or from the Guradian: "A tour de force of luminal expression." Word up. You go, JB. See you on Monday to soak up some of that wisdom. 

You can get Black Cat Bone here in the UK. For more JB, check out here

Illustration by Michael Mucci, from here

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