Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Dreamy NYC

Have you seen this cool video by Irish filmmaker Andrew Clancy, A Year in New York? I came across it via a friend yesterday while I was posting pictures of my rural weekend. I got lost in all of NYC's urban splendor until suddenly I had a realization that made me very sad. That the "year in New York" this video captured was a whole year when I wasn't there. 

It's sort of silly and emo to go there, especially since I have been so happy this past year. But I think I'll always wish to be in at least two places at once-- and one of them will always be NYC. I just don't like facing the reality of opportunity costs. 

But this video even managed to inspire a sense of love of that train lumbering sideways and then sloping downwards from Queens into Manhattan. It was fun to romanticize it as more of an old Coney Island roller coaster, rather than the infuriating thing that made me late every morning. In general, I loved how much attention Queens got in this vid. (Though, side note, my favorite thing about the new Battery's Down video, "You Must Be Joking" is when VRay sings, "Pretending to love Astoria." On point, Jake.)

Anyhow, check out Andrew's vid featuring "We Don't Eat" from Dubliner James Vincent McMorrow. More on him later, but if you like Bon Iver or Sufjan Stevens, you'll be barking up the right tree. Texans, do not be alarmed. His "If I had a Boat," is not a cover. But I do recommend listening to it.  And checking out some of the rest of Clancy's vids as well. His Irish Voices project is pretty cool. 

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