Wednesday, November 16, 2011

She Says She Likes to Write - Autumn Story - Firekites

So... this song and video are a couple of years old, but I couldn't resist posting today. This is basically exactly how I feel right now: daydream-drunk and melancholy; inching along, but in swooping circles to fool myself; making pretty things but little progress and ending up where I started...all Autumn long. Daydream-drunk & melancholy, you say? (Or as McC would say, Everything We Stand For!...haha.)

I've always been a fan of stop motion, but I think the vid from Aussie band, Firekites (off their debut album, The Bowery, [sigh. I miss The Bowery.]) might always be my favorite. (Perhaps it's the chalkboards. If you've ever seen my Pinterest boards, you know I have a bordering on pathological obsession with chalkboards as functional decor.) 

Anyhow. Check out more of Firekites & their cool label Spunk (same label as Bonnie Prince Billy, my old faves The Faint, She & Him, etc etc etc), here

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