Saturday, November 12, 2011

Today Feels Like This - Somebody That I Used to Know

People have really been bringing the good music recommendations lately. The heir-apparent to Sting, Gotye comes courtesy of my dear brother from another mother, Taylor. And I haven't been able to get his pseudo-duet with (the also very cool Kiwi) Kimbra out of my head since. 

Just wait until the chorus. It's soooo Sting. And turns out, Gotye grew up, a young Belgian boy in Australia, listening to the Police non-stop. It shows. In the nicest way possible.  

I love everything about this video.Well, almost everything. I wish that shot of his ugly foot didn't start the video. Ugly feet. Ew. But! I love that Ba Ba Blacksheep xylophone solo. I love the colors. I love that Gotye's real first name is Wouter, but that he goes by Wally. I love when he and Kimbra come in together at the end. That is just everything I want from a song right there. (Steven! You are a master of that kind of jam.) Le sigh. Saturday sounds like this. I'm off to babysit some youngsters at a "castle" surrounded by track housing (ah, Scotland's era mash-ups) in Prestonpans.

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