Tuesday, November 22, 2011

San Francisco based designer, Tartanscot

Scot Meacham Wood, aka Tartanscot takes his inspiration from the best places: Scotland & NYC. I wonder about the extent of his actual contact with Scotland (occasionally, it seems more like a version of Scotland than the real thing) but nevertheless, on his blog, I caught pics of the Ardverikie gate house, Eilean Donan & the streets of Glasgow. 

So even though there's more gay men (oh, how I miss my gays) in tweed on the page than you can shake a stick at, there's also men on vespas help balance that (??) and I think he puts more of that balance into his actual rooms. 

Maybe he does get Scotland. Because, while I love light airy modern spaces as much as the next gal-- and lord knows, they're en vogue-- they just don't make much sense in Scotland. Maximalist works in Scotland. You need the warmth. Maybe I just have a thing for dark, rich wall colors. For creating a luxe look out of simple fabrics, like, say, wool. Well, so does Scot Meacham Wood

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  1. greetings -

    justing coming across this . . . but, as always . . . thank you for the kind posting about my work. Yes - I frequently have the chance to visit Scotland and England. In fact, I was just there a few months ago scouting for a new design project.



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