Sunday, November 27, 2011

Postponed Thankful Posting

I know I post this every year. I just can't resist.
We postponed having our Thanksgiving for Brits until today. And while I agree with all the criticism of colonialism and certainly everything we ever did to Native American populations, there's a reason why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. It's not just because I like feeling grateful (though I do). 

I suppose I like the idea (even if the reality of what happened in 1621 is not quite that ideal) that you can go out into the world, not knowing what you'll find, and trusting that the people you meet when you get there will look after you. I'm lucky enough that this has always been the case for my various pilgrimages. Be it Japan or Korea or New York or the UK, I've always felt taken care of in my quest to see the world. So thanks for that. 

And please send prayers that we won't have to resort to frozen pizzas. 

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