Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Masters with Distinction

Hey, I graduate today! I'm trying to remind myself that it's actually a pretty big deal and I haven't had one of these since 2004. It's nice to be part of traditions-- both the 600 year old kind, and the more recent kind, created by my friends I've made since I moved here. It's a silly little thing, but I'm really excited to be wearing the same white dress shirt as three of my friends wore to their St Andrews graduations. And delighted to be sharing the day with my dad and so many of my Edinburgh & St Andrews friends. 

The older traditions sound, well a bit medieval to be honest. Hoods, kneeling, apparently being bopped on the shoulder with John Knox's pants (or something like that? Says Sophie? Ps- It's her birthday! Happy Birthday!) walking backwards, bowing....

Anyhow, apparently you can watch a live feed of the thing here-- most likely if you are related to me or just want to see me in a hood. (I don't get the squishy hat until next time.)

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