Friday, November 18, 2011

Restless Friday Links

Well, the good news is, my dad gets here a week from today! The bad new is, man I am restless. It's common theme of my life. And not even the endless information on the internet is enough to keep my wanderlust at bay. But I try anyhow. 

- A Disco Downton photoshoot (as always, I apologize for linking you to the Daily Mail.)
Ryan Gosling pancake. For obvious reasons.
- The world's most expensive photo
- Speaking of photos, and exotic places, check THIS OUT!

- I think the person who wrote this about NAMT & my friend Joe's show has NO idea how long it actually takes, how many productions it actually takes to get a show anywhere. I enjoyed my friend Jennifer's rebuttal.
- Speaking of theatre, this is pretty obvious, but nice to see it in print.

- But we brought up theatre, which makes me think of my career. And then I get restless and start shopping for apartments. In Los Angeles. Or Austin. (career?)
- Or I'll start thinking about moving to Portland. Why am I so suggestible?? (I blame McC.)
- Or back to New York.
- Speaking of NYC real estate, J. Crew Creative Director Jenna Lyons' Brooklyn townhouse- aka the world's most perfect house of all time (save for that ugly wrong shade of yellow couch) is on the market for only 3.75 million dollars? Messy divorce? Well, Curb might have said it best, but personally, I think it's really sad that not even a piece of real estate this beautiful (and the most amazing Olatz bedding!!) can hold together a marriage. 

- Margaret Gillespie Pierce, are you out there? Mugs! Do you remember this? Oh man, I loved me some Delia's catalogue. Though, looking back, I have to agree those shoes were hideous. But I used to just covet that stuff. Turns out, it was all very cheaply made and kind of lost its allure once the Delia's store went into the Galleria, am I right??

- As much as I'm dreaming of other places & other times, St Andrews sure does know how to get people laughing. You might have seen this floating around the internet. My friend Jorge was the first one to post the pic, and soon people in the states had gotten ahold of it, etc etc. It was a joke, ya'll. Pretty good, huh?

Photos by Karen Knorr

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